(If you have stumbled upon this site, please note that it is under construction.  A June launching will be announced in my San Pedro Today column.)

If you’re relatively new to San Pedro, you might be wondering about the domain name.  For the rest, you’re probably familiar with the Real San Pedran column that I wrote while working at the News-Pilot in 1983.  That column sort of took on a life of its own, and I still periodically get requests for copies of it.  To that end, please visit my archives page, where I am posting (over time) all of my columns that have appeared in the News-Pilot, More San Pedro, San Pedro Magazine and, currently, San Pedro Today.  Feel free to download and print out these columns.  I could add they are “suitable for framing,” but before I get too big of a head, I have to remember what my longtime colleague Bill Sheehan once told me.  He saw a framed copy of the Real San Pedran at a friend’s house in Oregon–right above the toilet.
So much for ego.

As for the rest of the Web site, you’ll notice there is a blog, which I hope to update daily (which doesn’t mean I will); several pages devoted to the San Pedro World War II Memorial, with additional pages for the men from San Pedro who died in WWI, Korea and Vietnam (a work in progress); a library section featuring the books and movies every San Pedran should have on their shelves; a links page to get readers to the very best Internet sites pertaining to San Pedro and beyond; San Pedro history, which will contain pictures and stories about San Pedro’s past, with a bent toward sports (where I started out in journalism); a section I’m calling First Families, which will feature histories of families that have helped make San Pedro such a unique community; and, of course, a page on Green Hills Memorial Park, which I hope will persuade you to visit me and make the pre-need arrangements every family should have.